Monday, January 4, 2010


Well, I got sick on the 2nd, so this year is off to a blasting start. Damn colds.

I hereby resolve to

1) Pay more attention to what I eat. Whether this resolves into full vegetarianism, or becoming a loca-vore, or something else... will be determined later.
2) Become more fit. (Note that I am fairly flexible and active for my age group, but I do almost nothing organized.)
3) Knit more. I'm aiming for 500 to 1000 stitches a day, although some days nothing will happen (like today - no sneezing on the yarn!) and I will make up for it on subsequent days.
4) Don't stab anybody.
5) Read at least 100 books.
6) Listen to more current music.
8) Snarl less.
9) Floss regularly.
10) Be less obsessed with making my lists end on round numbers.

1 comment:

  1. What a terrific list of goals for yourself!!! I especially like the snarl less often. (something I can aspire to as well...)
    Thank you for stopping by my blog - stop by again soon!