Saturday, July 7, 2007

Ungrafting or degrafting?

Yesterday I realized I was making excuses about why I hadn't picked out the messed-up grafting on my Sidewinders.

You see, while grafting is tedious and time-consuming, I neither hate it nor fear it. I reserve those emotions for its close cousin: picking out grafting. I had some experience with this when I made my second sock. The first toe turned out fine (I was just blindly following directions), but something went wrong on the second toe and I had a nasty mess to pick out. If I look really closely at those toes, I can still tell which came first and which came second!

And then yesterday I had an unexpected hour of freedom: no children, no urgent errands, nothing to occupy me but the men's quarterfinals of Wimbledon and my Sidewinder. So I very slowly and carefully unstitched my stitches during each commercial and change-over. It took me the entire hour to undo five grafted stitches. (Federer won. So did Djokovic.)

I'm off for a weekend at Mystic, where no complicated knitting will occur.

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