Thursday, June 8, 2017

In which I run a lot of errands

It's always weird, the first two weeks after the school year ends. I always end up running a TON of errands, like all the things that I meant to do in April and May but somehow never quite got to. Thus, I have seen the optometrist and the dentist and will be visiting the podiatrist and the allergist next.

I've gone shopping at a Russian import store I'd heard about (Victory International Market, don't let the sketchy exterior put you off because the food inside is quite delicious and reasonably priced.) Finally went to the nearest L. L. Bean store and got a lovely utility skirt and two gorgeous flannel shirts. Bought food-safe mineral oil to bring all the wooden bowls and cutting boards back up to snuff. Bought stamps, deposited checks, mailed packages, ordered thank-you gifts, and began the long and thankless job of cleaning up my office.

In the next few days, I have to register for the July version of NaNoWriMo, write thank-you notes, do a lot more laundry, and begin seriously cleaning the house (once I finish with my office!)

So that's about it. Nothing really fun to report yet.

Edited to add: Oh, wait. Wonder Woman. That was fun. And so was King Arthur, although they should have just called it something else and stopped pretending it was related to the Arthurian legend at all. Just make it another fantasy about a sword and a couple of mages, already.

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