Friday, June 20, 2014

In the moment...

Eating / Toasted home-made oatmeal bread with hazelnut butter (that DH bought at the Farmer's Market)
Drinking / Home-steeped chai (ditto on the Farmer's Market)
Practicing / Pie crusts. Mine are inconsistent: sometimes great, but sometimes tough and lopsided. 
Mastering / healthy cooking that the whole family will eat
Learning / How to light our new grill 
Trying / not to do everything at 100%; giving myself permission to half-ass a few things
Playing / lots of Winter Olympics that's taking up too much space on the TiVo
Finishing / Four pairs of mittens that were supposed to be delivered last month, all of them different patterns from Selbuvotter
Reading / When Will There be Good News? by Kate Atkinson
Remembering /Our trip to London (see next blog post)
Wearing / comfy long shorts, an oversized T-shirt, and sneakers.
Cooking / Everything on the grill. Mushrooms, chicken marinated in spiced yogurt, potatoes...
Working / on the answer keys to all the placement tests, which would be coming back to me any day now
Traveling / To a bunch of farmer's markets, but no major trips until August
Wanting / More sleep! 


  1. Great post, mirroring my life. Love Kate Atkinson! Read her Life After Life in London last month!

  2. Love this post! I've read one or two books by Atkinson - but don't think I've read this one yet! I have sooooo many books started - and I am not kidding - LOL! We've started to hit the farmer's market near us for some tomatoes - at least until ours start coming in!

    Linda in VA