Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

According to our beloved taskmistress, this week's topics is "10 things that might or might not be true about you."

1) I love to bake and will make cookies and bread at least once a week.
2) I have degrees in English, Math, and Physics.
3) I'm allergic to every major species of tree in New England.
4) This time in CT (8 years) is the longest I've ever lived in one town.
5) I adore horror movies.
6) I'm a morning person.
7) I'm terrified of fires, and will not grill anything except under duress.
8) I wish we could keep chickens, but we live in a part of town that isn't zoned for them.
9) My favorite sports are basketball and soccer.
10) I used to ride horses and compete in dressage when I was a little kid.

So there! Five true, five false. Which do you think is which?

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