Tuesday, December 21, 2010

10 on Tuesday: ten last-minute gift ideas

1) Baked goods
2) Kits for baked goods (one of my student's mothers used to give me a jar of homemade pancake mix every year... loved it.)
3) A book. (We actually have duplicate copies of our favorite books just so we can give them spontaneously to our loved ones.)
4) A CD. (Almost out of fashion these days, but still appreciated by my older relatives.)
5) A knitting kit: download a fresh copy of the pattern, print it out, find suitable yarn in my stash, and add a pair of needles if the recipient isn't a already a die-hard knitter.
6) Dried fruit. I ordered a huge batch of it from Meduri when they had free shipping just after Thanksgiving, and have been handing out the tins to everyone I didn't think about enough in advance, like my children's gym teacher.
7) Stashed knit goods. I have a spare pair of adult mittens, two pairs of children's mittens, and a couple of scarves. Knit without an obvious recipient in mind, they wait on the bottom of my bookshelf until I have need of them.
8) A DVD.
9) Charitable donation in a friend's name.
10) If all else fails, a gift certificate.

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