Saturday, May 15, 2010

Project update (again)

Ishbel: finished, blocked, mailed, received, and admired (WIN)

Dashing: finished, mailed... no word from recipient yet...
Xmas socking ornaments: ditto

Axel's Mittens: finished, delivered, admired (but may be too small by fall - BOO!)

Mittens for Nicholas: just finished weaving in the ends on the second mitten tonight. He and his mother both really liked the first one, so I think is also a WIN!

Mittens for Elli: almost finished the first one when I realized the hand was too tight; ripped it back to the cuff, incorporated 5 more stitches into the pattern, and am working my way back up the hand.

Wild Sock: realized I really should not be knitting socks in Cascade 220, so I'm ordering some yarn from Socks That Rock and will do them over the summer

All the other mittens have their yarn in place, but I need to free up some needles before I can tackle any of them.

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