Sunday, September 13, 2009

What to love...

in the new Knitty?

There's a lot there - the editors' taste really matched up with mine this time!

Hex: I love the geometric shapes, but rectangular shawls aren't all the practical for me... I wonder if I can cut it down to a wide scarf?

Riverbanks: I wouldn't do it in Noro, but the concept and pattern are just about perfect for me.

Margot: if I ever knit myself a sweater, this is probably it! I love the boatneck, the top-down construction, and the little slits on the side.

Clandestine: gorgeous, like everything Cookie A. designs.

HatHeel: sheer wild genius. This will probably be First On the Needles as I need to get working on my sons' winter socks.

Kernel: lovely, just lovely.

Midsummer: elegant and clever, but I worry about how the leaves will feel inside my shoes.

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