Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Why NOT to do both socks at once...

I have a bad habit: I get bored after one sock. Right now I have three single socks waiting for their mates to arrive.

Thus, I decided that knitting both socks at once (on two circular needles) would be a great idea: get them both done, take no notes in the process... what could go wrong?

Well, a couple of things. Six, to be precise.
1) Using the wrong ball of yarn on the wrong sock. Happens more easily than you'd think.
2) Knitting onto the wrong needle. (I couldn't even figure out how to transfer the stitches to the correct needles, and had to tink back 24 stitches.)
3) Increased laddering problems. Probably due to all the wiggling around the needle does when knitting the "other" sock.
4) Problems #1 and #2 seriously slow things down.
5) Yarn tangles. 'nuff said.
6) Can't knit in the dark, can't knit while talking... in short, this sock is no longer "casual transportable knitting" but has turned into "heavy concentration, only when sober and awake" knitting.

I think that when need to focus on one sock at a time to turn the heel, I'll just put the "other sock" onto stitch holders and finish them one at a time.

Adding to my pain is the fact that I foolishly used the same needles I will need to knit the second cotton sock- and right now, it's really cotton-sock-wearing weather. Maybe both socks need to go into hibernation for a while until the second green cotton sock is done...

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